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Driving huge year-on-year growth for a designer radiator retailer.


Just Radiators is the trading name of Luxus Design. Just Radiators provides an extensive range of radiators for different functions and rooms from many premium brands.

Their range has something for all tastes, from traditional and cast iron radiators to designer styles and a large selection of towel radiators. 

Launched in the midst of lockdown in 2019, Luxus Design was looking to partner with a PPC specialist to help create a bespoke digital marketing strategy.

As a leading e-commerce retailer, they faced stiff competition in the crowded online marketplace. Their goal was clear: increase website traffic, boost conversions, and maximize Return on Investment (ROI) through PPC advertising. They needed a tailored strategy to stand out in their industry.

Our team of PPC experts analyzed Just Radiators' business objectives, target audience, and competitors to craft a comprehensive strategy that could consistently deliver the required ROAS (return-on-ad-spend). 


"It's been a pleasure working with Outsource PPC, who are professional and have expert knowledge within paid media, especially.


It's good to work with a team that understands business commercials and the ROI we need to achieve, while always looking to grow our campaigns"

David O'Keefe, Marketing Director


Google Shopping

We designed and implemented a comprehensive Google Shopping campaign structure which consistently delivered the required level of ROAS. 

Bidding Strategies

We experimented with various bidding strategies to ensure that we were maximising our ad visibility to the right user at the right time

High Intent Search

We interrogated the Search Term Reports to identify the traffic that carried a high level of intent and tailored our bidding strategies accordingly.

Platform Expansion

We expanded the initial Google Ads activity across other platforms to further increase the advertiser's reach while still delivering the required ROAS.



decrease in overall

PPC spend



increase in

Sales Revenue



increase in ROAS




In conclusion, the PPC activity that we implemented for Just Radiators has proven to be a resounding success.


Through meticulous planning, strategic keyword selection, compelling ad copy, and continuous optimization, we were able to achieve remarkable results that directly impacted the company's bottom line.

Luxus Design has gone from strength to strength on the back of the growth of Just Radiators and as a result, has expanded its offering with the introduction of Designer Radiators Direct, Just Baths, and the exciting new brand The Radiator Warehouse.

Outsource PPC has worked with Luxus Design and they now boast a range of profitable sustainable campaigns across Google Search, Google Shopping, Microsoft Ads and Meta Ads. 

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