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Driving leads for luxury kitchens in a highly competitive market.  


Illya Kitchens design, supply, and install luxury German-fitted kitchens.  


Founded in 2012 as a family business, Illya Kitchens is your destination for the best designs that are aligned with your values. They source kitchens from a world-renowned German manufacturer, and we seek to create meaningful personal relationships with their clients. 

The kitchens they supply are subject to the highest quality requirements, they, therefore, chose to be supported by a German supplier who has been established since 1898, and has an annual turnover of €616 million (2019).  Their intimate knowledge of German kitchens coupled with the creative flair of our kitchen designers has led to them receiving numerous awards over the last 8 years.

Illya Kitchens were looking to use PPC marketing to drive more inquiries, showroom vists, and sales.


"A critical thinker, with a passion for what he does, Simon is a rare find in the world of PPC, therefore to have him on your team definitely gives you an advantage over your competitors. Simon goes far and beyond what is expected from him to make sure that goals are met.


An integral part of your marketing strategy - PPC needs to be done by someone experienced and that is exactly what Simon is."

Illya Karpenko , Marketing Director


Localised Campaigns

We spent time interrogating the search term reports to identify the traffic which carried high intent and experimented with various keyword match types.

Bidding Strategies

We experimented with various bidding strategies to ensure that we were maximising our ad visibility to the right user at the right time

Keyword Analysis

GCLID tracking allows the advertiser to upload offline data into the Google Ads account to enable a greater level of optimisation. 

Fresh Compelling Ad Creation

We tailored our ad copy to our audience and specific keywords. By improving our messaging we saw an almost instant impact on key metrics.



increase in

Search Traffic



increase in




reduction in CPA




Not only did we increase the volume of clicks to the client’s website but we also ensured the traffic was highly relevant. We created a strategy that would help to reduce the waste spend on the PPC account, which we were then able to reinvest into the areas of the account that worked well. 

It was also important to increase the rate at which people who visited the site engaged with the company and used the services. This was achieved by creating highly relevant ads that directed a high volume of users to the website that had a genuine interest in the service for the goods they owned. 

The results of this project were far beyond that of our initial targets and we continue to grow our activity across various ad platforms with Vintage Cash Cow.

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