"A critical thinker, with a passion for what he does, Simon is a rare find in the world of PPC, therefore to have him on your team definitely gives you an advantage over your competitors. Simon goes far and beyond of what is expected from him to make sure that goals are met.


An integral part of your marketing strategy - PPC needs to be done by someone experienced and that is exactly what Simon is."


Illya Kitchens designs, supplies, and installs fitted German kitchens.  Founded in 2012 as a family business, Illya Kitchens is your destination for the best designs that are aligned with your values. They source kitchens from a world-renowned German manufacturer, and we seek to create meaningful personal relationships with their clients. 

The kitchens they supply are subject to the highest quality requirements, they, therefore, chose to be supported by a German supplier who has been established since 1898, and has an annual turnover of €616 million (2019).  Their intimate knowledge of German kitchens coupled with the creative flair of our kitchen designers has led to them receiving numerous awards over the last 8 years.

Upon our takeover, our main challenge was to improve the performance of already well-performing Shopping ads and increase sales while steadily bringing down the CPA without compromising the success of the existing campaigns.


The client was using a manual bidding strategy for their 20k+ products and 56% of the products were already appearing on the first page for Google Shopping searches.


To meet our objective and increase the number of qualified website visitors (those who were likely to purchase) from the ads, we had to test multiple bidding strategies. This was a risk we had to take: we would increase the overall spend and reduce the cost per acquisition in the short term, but the long-term benefit would be that we were putting the right products in front of the right users.

Fortunately, because the client had previously been running a successful PPC campaign, we had plenty of historical data to dig into, which allowed us to experiment with different bidding strategies. As expected, the first month was tough, and our tests increased both the ad spend and the cost per acquisition, but this testing period was crucial to gather data and identify the best ways to improve the overall account performance in the long term.

In the second and third months, we reduced the cost per acquisition by 213.25% and increased the return on ad spend by 300% to a much healthier 1029% (meaning they were making 10X what they were spending). 


We did this by reverting to a manual bidding strategy and introducing a Smart Shopping campaign. But we knew that we could push things further still.


During the campaign, we continued to tweak and optimise the campaigns, both reacting to results and being proactive in testing new strategies and campaign types to improve performance. In month four, we hit the jackpot. We combined the Google Smart Shopping campaign with manual Shopping bid optimisation and increased the client’s return on ad spend by 56.94% to £72,535.33 — a massive increase of £41,551.91 — and decreased the cost per acquisition by a further 39%.

We also turned our attention to wider strategies that would help signal the client’s authority to potential customers. This included our Google Smart Shopping campaign, which gave us a larger audience reach compared to the default keyword research model.



Using Google Smart Shopping, we increased brand awareness, with impressions (the number of times the ads were seen) increasing from 1,432,109 to 1,989,441 in five months — up 38.92%. In the same period, we increased conversions by 74.19%, from 341 to 594. All of our improvements culminated in a huge increase in ROAS (return on ad spend), up to 1,603%.

At Exposure Ninja, our team of expert PPC Ninjas are on hand to help grow your business. You won’t get automated management from software — your dedicated PPC Ninja personally works on your account, optimising your campaigns to decrease your spend and skyrocket your sales. We are completely transparent with our clients and tell them what they can expect — even if that means a short-term increase in spend — but as this case study clearly shows, the payoff can be huge.

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