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"A critical thinker, with a passion for what he does, Simon is a rare find in the world of PPC, therefore to have him on your team definitely gives you an advantage over your competitors. Simon goes far and beyond of what is expected from him to make sure that goals are met.


An integral part of your marketing strategy - PPC needs to be done by someone experienced and that is exactly what Simon is."

Illya Karpenko , Marketing Director




Illya Kitchens design, supply, and install luxury German fitted kitchens.  


Founded in 2012 as a family business, Illya Kitchens is your destination for the best designs that are aligned with your values. They source kitchens from a world-renowned German manufacturer, and we seek to create meaningful personal relationships with their clients. 

The kitchens they supply are subject to the highest quality requirements, they, therefore, chose to be supported by a German supplier who has been established since 1898, and has an annual turnover of €616 million (2019).  Their intimate knowledge of German kitchens coupled with the creative flair of our kitchen designers has led to them receiving numerous awards over the last 8 years.



Illya Kitchens were looking to use PPC marketing to drive more inquiries, showroom vists, and sales.


We reviewed their existing activity and discovered too many keywords that were attracting users without the intent to purchase. These users were simply looking for information about Subaru, or requiring servicing.

It was important to increase the contact rate from initial search to website visit, and then generate phone calls or showroom visits.

Computer with Graph


Our first step was to overhaul the existing keyword selection, moving away from more generic searches and to explore long-tail keywords, which would drive a lower volume of traffic but with much more purchase intent.


The next step was to review and improve the existing ad copy, to ensure that once we achieved visibility for our desired searches, the user would then click through to complete the lead process.

We also spent time exploring and implementing ad extensions such sitelinks and call extensions to increase the contact rate to the dealership.


Some of the account optimisation work included;


  • Keyword Research

  • Fresh Compelling Ad Creation

  • Keyword Match Type Analysis

  • Search Term Report Interrogation

  • Negative Keyword Analysis

  • Bid & Bid Management

  • Ad Scheduling Implementation


On the back of the implementation of our strategy, we saw an immediate drop in cost-per-lead and we saw steady sustainable growth throughout the following months.

When comparing March 2018 to March 2019, we saw;

  • 13% additional clicks

  • 48% additional  impressions

  • 42% reduction in cost-per-lead

  • 147% increase in leads

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