"Simons attention to detail in the set up, reporting and optimisation of campaigns is remarkable. Simon was always able to distill his reporting down to a simpler form in preparation for team and management meetings, a skill many struggle with.


He would regularly make a solid case for larger strategic decisions as well as proposals for additional budget where opportunities were identified."

David Weaver, Co Founder




If you have vintage items lying around the home doing nothing, Vintage Cash Cow will be happy to buy them from you. They are happy to take items in any condition and the process is made to be as easy as possible. There is no need for you to even leave your home. Simply request a sales pack then use the pack to send the items. The package comes with a product guide, pre-paid postage, and is tracked and insured.

Vintage Cash Cow will gladly accept a wide range of vintage items including jewellery, silver, watches, gold, old toys, and even vintage sunglasses. The company’s experts will appraise them and call you with an offer. 

If you accept the offer they will send you a cheque or the money can be transferred to your bank the same day. If you don’t agree to the valuation then the items will be returned to you straight away free of obligation and charge. 

Antique Pocket Watch


Vintage Cash Cow were looking to work with a PPC specialist to help improve the performance of their existing PPC campaigns. The brief was to drive more sign ups and engagement with their service. 


The first step was to audit their existing PPC account and identify areas that could be improved. The aim was to look for ways to not only increase the volume of clicks to the client’s website but also to ensure the traffic was highly relevant. 
In order to achieve our goals, we created a strategy that would help to reduce the waste spend on the PPC account.


We were then able to reinvest what was saved into the areas of the account that were working well and driving conversions. This meant the client was able to get more clicks that were also of a better quality overall. 

It was also important to increase the rate at which people who visited the site engaged with the company to use their services. This would be achieved largely by creating highly relevant ads that directed a good volume of people to the website that had a genuine interest in their services. 



Various tasks were required to help achieve this, which included:

  • Keyword expansion to include keywords that would drive relevant traffic to the website

  • A/B split testing ad copy to help find the ads that worked best

  • Keyword match type analysis to help optimise the keywords that were being used

  • Search term report interrogation to further help attract the right traffic

  • GCLID tracking implementation to help identify visitor behaviour on your site

  • Bid & bid management review to enhance the cost of acquisition

  • Remarketing optimisation to help generate more traffic from leads


We compared how the website and marketing campaigns were performing in October 2019 with the corresponding month the previous year. We were very pleased with the results, which were as below:

  • 67% increase in clicks

  • 316% increase in impressions

  • 87% increase in leads

  • 144% reduction in cost-per-acquisition